Since 1923, Burlington Worldwide has been a global textile leader in worsted wool and performance synthetics fabrics.
  • USA
    • Burlington Finishing Products - Burlington, NC
    • Burlington Raeford - Raeford, NC
      Burlington Raeford is a unique part of one of the largest textile companies in the world and represents a 50 year tradition of experience in uniform fabrics. We offer a full line of uniform fabrics from the finest worsted wools and synthetic blends to high tech outerwear.
  • Mexico
      State-of-the-art, totally vertical spinning, weaving and finishing worsted wool facility.
    • Jiaxing Burlington Textile Co., Ltd - Jiaxing
      The Jiaxing Burlington Textile Co., Ltd (JBT) facility offers high-tech, high-quality dyeing and finishing of synthetic fabrics for apparel.

      Completed in June 2007, the JBT facility uses state-of-the-art equipment and processes. Supported by the technical resources from ITG’s Burlington® Labs in the USA, JBT’s high-tech lab and product development resources are dedicated to bringing our customers the best in cutting-edge processes and advanced performance technologies to produce the highest quality fabrics.
Synatural Cool
Permanent, high performance polyester fiber technology. Its special construction speeds up moisture absorption and diffusion. Cooltec™ fabrics are soft, dry and breathable, providing all-day comfort
Comfort technology designed to optimize the body's natural thermoregulation capabilities through smart fiber cross-sections: providing evaporative cooling or thermo-buffering according to the wearer’s needs.
Invisible Barrier
Liquid & stain repellency with unprecedented durability to dry cleaning
Easy Wool™
Revolutionary technology which allows worsted trousers and garments the ability to be engineered as truly washable for the life of the garment
Superior moisture control and soil release system for synthetic fabrics. The soil and stain release feature allows most ground-in stains to be easily removed and prevents soil from re-depositing so garments look new longer
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